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This band walks through a multicultural universe that mixes the Brazilian swing with influences from World Music, SAMBAGROOVE is currently in tour, launching its new album and getting ready for their project for 2018 called “SAMBAGROOVE FOOTBALL MUSIC”, where it will present in the year of the World Cup a especial show with songs that refer to the football universe. Known as a true factory of rhythms and songs, the compositions of the band are constantly recorded by great Brazilian artists, such as Diogo Nogueira, Zeca Pagodinho, Xande de Pilares, among others, having their song “Pé na Areia” nominated for the Latin Grammy 2017 in the category “Best Brazilian Music”.

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  • 2018 to 2019

  • Musicians
    Erick Chica • Keyboards
    Felipe Cambero • Voice & Guitar
    Renato Chica • Percussion
    Rodrigo Leite • Voice & Guitar

    On Tour

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    Past Shows and Events
    Santos, São Paulo, Brazil

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