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Alceu Valença

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2 687 325 vues, Morena Tropicana :
1 641 689 vues, Orquesta Ouro Preto
ALCEU VALENÇA presents its new show “ANJO DE FOGO“, that is currently on tour in the main Brazilian stages and in other countries. On stage, the singer goes through moments of his multiple trajectory allied to a heavy and contemporary sonority. As ” o vento que varre a cidade”, Alceu reinvents himself among great successes and treasures hidden throughout his 45-year career, which has put him as one of the greatest names in Brazilian popular music.
From themes full of metaphors that mark his initial phase to the period of great success around the years 80 and 90s, Alceu parades a selection of songs that appears in any anthology of the Brazilian song:
“Anunciação”, “Tropicana”, “Como Dois Animais”, “Pelas Ruas Que Andei”, “Solidão”, “Estação da Luz”, “Cabelo no Pente”, “Coração Bobo”, “Belle de Jour”, “Girassol”, and beyond the twenty-first century, the “Embolada do Tempo” that echoes its rhythmic firecracker of devastating verses.

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    Past Shows and Events
    Amsterdam: Viva Brasil Festival, 2015

    Argentina, Buenos Aires: Palermo Groove, 2011

    Brésil, Condecorado com Ordem do Mérito Cultural da Presidência da República do Brasil (2012)

    Brésil, Prix de la Musique Brésilienne, catégorie Meilleur CD et Meilleur Chanteur MPB (2015)

    Brésil, Rio de Janeiro: Rock in Rio (2017, 1991, 1985)

    Espagne, Pontevedra (Galícia)

    France, Paris: New Morning, 2013

    Italie, Napoli Milão: Festival de Jazz, 2008

    Portugal, Sintra: Teatro Olga Cadaval, 2015

    Portugal, Braga: Theatro Circo, 2015

    Portugal, Cine Teatro Antonio Lamoso, 2015

    Portugal, Hard Rock (2017)

    Portugal, Lisboa: Tivoli (2016),

    Portugal, LX Factory (2013 - Ano do Brasil em Portugal)

    Portugal, Porto: Casa da Música (2016)

    Portugal, Santa Maria da Feira

    Suisse, Montreux Jazz Festival (2007, 2000, 1998, 1982)

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