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Ara Ketu

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4 432 491 vues, Mal Acostumado:
Ara Ketu is a musical group that from its origin evolves artistically refining the fusion of its African roots with the influences of the pop music of Bahia. We can call this meeting AfroPop. This is Ara Ketu's style. A mix of rhythmic matrix with metal, bass and pop guitar, in a different beat that marks generations and even today influences many artists. A new phase began in the second half of 2016 when the Ara KetuGroup decided, from a review of its trajectory, to reconnect with its origins. Ara Ketu understands that the world moment asks for messages of union, commemoration of differences, lightness, energy and joy. This is his original message, which characterizes the group in all its performances and leads so many people to live special moments in their rehearsals, shows and the streets of Salvador in these 37 years of Carnival. With a focus on the rescue of its essence and percussive sonority, a series of actions was thought with the objective to bring Ara Ketu back to its native community and its roots:
- Linnoy and Tonho Materia assumed the vocal commands of one of the most traditional bands in Brazil
- Ara adopts a new central message: "Celebrate the differences". Life, the world, people are naturally so "different" and for Ara Ket this is what makes it so fun and interesting. The group is just a merger of differences and is happy about it.
- Will return to carry out his rehearsals in the place where he was born, in Periperi, neighborhood of the rail suburb of Salvador. Several trials were conducted in the summer of 2017, more precisely in January and February, on the beach in front of the Ara Ketu headquarters in Periperi. A place of enchanting natural beauty that can be reached by train, car and boat. A unique experience; - Ara Ketu has a lot of story to tell, especially for new generations who know his music, so he is filming a documentary telling his story, through testimonies of the Ara Ketu family, the band and friends who accompanied his career; - He is working to resume the social project at Ara Ketu's headquarters in Periperi. This new social work is still in the process of planning and raising funds.
- In these Carnivals, concerts and micaretas throughout Brazil, besides participation in international festivals, its percussive sound infects the fans and conquers new admirers. The band has several titles won, such as the Dodô & Osmar Trophies 1997 (Best Afro Block) and 2006 (Best Block / Barra Ondina Circuit), and 2001 as Best Axé CD of the Caymmi Trophy. The band's performances have a repertoire that tells their own story. Among many hits are
"Mal Acostumado", "Amantes", "Cobertor", "Pipoca", "Festa na cidade", "Toma lá da cá," and "Oh Meu Pai" performed on stage or trio electric concerts .
- For the summer of 2018, Ara Ketu prepares a new EP, with songs made by our vocalists.

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  • 2017 to 2020

  • Musicians
    Alex • Drums
    Allan Bacelar • Producteur
    Cristiano Lacerda • Manager
    Edson Carvalho • Sound technical
    Tonho Matéria • Voice
    Wilson • Percussion
    Linnoy • Voice
    Renan • Keyboards
    Bruno Marques • Guitar Bass

    On Tour

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    Past Shows and Events
    Festa da Banda Mole
    Belo Horizonte - Brazil
    Festin Bahia com Salif Keita
    Salvador - Brazil
    Axé Brasil
    Minas Gerais - Brasil
    Bloco Botinho
    Pará - Brazil
    Brazilian Day - New York e Miami
    Maiami & New York - USA
    Natal - Brazil
    Carnaval de Salvador (Bloco with 7thousand people)
    Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
    Circo Voador
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    Festival de Montreux
    Montreux -Switzerland
    Festival de Música Europeia (Berlim, Finlândia, Turim e Inglaterra)
    Tour Europe 2013
    Fortaleza - Brazil
    Maceió - Brazil
    Metropolitan - Canecão
    São Paulo - Brazil
    Pré-Caju - Sergipe
    Sergipe - Brazil
    Recifolia -
    Recife - Brazil

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