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Oro Band

After experiencing a great success in the 1980s, the ORO Band has recently been relaunched with more passion, panache and quality in a Pop-Afro-Latino style.
With varied rhythms, beautiful harmonies, beautiful texts, adapting to the European taste for Latin music, enthralling a large audience, young and not so young, the ORO Band is a beautiful plateau to see and listen to.

O.RO or Oscar Rodriguez

A native of Colombia, a sparkling and charismatic character, dreamy, without a doubt a real vector of dreams and joy for the greatest happiness of its spectators. Guitarist, singer, bass player and percussionist since the age of 17, he settled in Switzerland in 1979 and created in 1984 the "Oscar Rodriguez Band", made up of 14 musicians. He has composed all of their music and has ensured their promotion and fame. Then he founded many other successful orchestras including Girasol, Almendra, Santa Barbara, Oscar's Angels and Arena, and he composed music for film, advertising, theater, dance and musical reviews.

He was awarded the National Prize for Contemporary Music Composition in 1976 in Bogota, Colombia, and the International Prize for Contemporary Music Composition of the City of Bordeaux in 1989. He also won the Heineken Competition, in search of a partnership for their "Fill the night" advertising campaign in 1990 - 6 years of collaboration and management of the Heineken Live Band. He also won the people’s choice award of the T.S.R. competition "Romans d'Amour" in 1992.
From 1998 to 2006, he was part of the organizing team of the "Montreux Jazz Festival".
In 1998, he developed the Modern Center for Music Studies "Maison de la Musique" in Pully, Switzerland, which he conducted for 7 years.

For several years he performed in public under the name "Oscar and friends"

Between 2007 and 2009, with his project "Alchemy Groove", he made a foray into the world of electronic music with great success.
At first a latin jazz musician, he is currently working on his quest for musical interbreeding and his perpetual search for innovations.

2017 - revival of the ORO Band.

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  • 2017 to 2025

  • Musicians
    Diego Andres Sepulveda • Saxophone alto & Back-Vocal
    Laura Ciuraneta • Back-Vocal
    Malki William Valencia • Cajon, Bata & Percussion
    Marco Zago • Guitar & Back-Vocal
    Maria Isabel A Santacoloma • Back-Vocal & Percussion
    Mariano Capona • Saxophone tenor & Back-vocal
    Mustapha Camara • DUM – DUM – Krin
    Oscar Rodriguez • Guitar & Voice
    Philippe Rimensberger • Guitar Bass
    Yves Gumy • Back-Vocal

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    Mojo Culture Festival
    Lausanne, Switzerland

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