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Red Groove

They form together, a "trio" band,of charisma and unique musicality!
The "trio band" Red Groove was born in Atlanta-USA after performing at the trendy Brazilian Day. Formed by Victoria Carvalho, Vocal and Guita, Junior Aguiar, Vocal and Bass and André Netinho, Percussion.
They translate into their presentations, an eclectic National and Pop International repertoire. Current, and also with hits for all time hits. The work shows a Almost Autoral in the versions and arrangements of the repertoire. Showing personality and a "face" of its own and unmistakable style.
Red Groove by its formation already demonstrates attitude and particularity;
We present a "luxurious" sound without conventional Drums use, replaced by a "Cajon" and electronic pads.
A bass player who sings and knows a lot about all the musical styles and a vocalist who plays the guitar and sings a vast national and international repertoire Make up the "trio" band. Ingredients that make Red Groove an extremely commercial and tasteful work. Made to measure, for customers and a demanding and dynamic public.

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  • 2017 to 2020

  • Musicians
    André Netinho • Percussion.
    Junior Aguiar • Vocal and Bass
    Victoria Carvalho • Vocal and Guita

    On Tour

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    Past Shows and Events
    Brazilian Day, Atlanta 2013, ,2014, 2015 - USA

    Havanna Club, New York - USA

    Loccaluna, Atlanta - USA

    Rio Summer Fest., Atlanta 2016 - USA

    SOB's Manhathan - USA

    Technical Information
    Kit Press