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Leandro Sapucahy

The song entered the Leandro Sapucahy life too early. As a child made the instruments turn toys and toys also turn into instruments, taking sound all. As a teenager, he began to perform professionally, which led to his repertoire increased. Time passed and Leandro Sapucahy followed a career in music and producer of great singers like Arlindo Cruz and Maria Rita.
His first CD, "COTIDIANO" was released in 2006 and in it, with the participation of wobbly as Zeca Pagodinho, Arlindo Cruz and Marcelo D2. The assembled disk selecting songs he was over time. Two years later, Leandro Sapucahy released his second work, "Favela Brasil," which portrayed the moment of chaos lived between the favela and the asphalt in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In 2009, he paid tribute to Roberto Ribeiro, an artist who learned to admire the influence of his mother, releasing a CD composed entirely of songs artist, who died in 1996.
Leandro Sapucahy followed the changes in slums and communities since the release of their first job. And he also changed. Without departing from its characteristics, its latest CD "Leandro Sapucahy – MALANDRO TAMBÉM AMA " shows a more mature artist and more romantic, revealing through the lyrics and melodies, the carioca way trickster love.
After producing their second DVD Favela Brazil 2 Leandro has just launched its newest project, I Love Life ( eu amo a Vida)!

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