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Xande de Pilares

Xande's musical influences were Roberto Carlos, Martinho da Vila, Elza Soares, Clara Nunes and many others, as well as Beth Carvalho, Zeca Pagodinho and Arlindo Cruz. The latter, he admired in the bars that present the "pagodes" (musical style of the samba), and that spread in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Xande's compositions and partnerships are in the voices of Arlindo Cruz, Beth Carvalho, Diogo Nogueira, Maria Rita, Leci Brandão, Portuguese fado singer Raquel Tavares and David Elliot, son of Dionne Warwick.

The Revelation Group was founded in 1992 with Xande in voice and cavaquinho. It's ex group to which he made a huge success.

In 2014, he won his first samba-enredo, "Gaia, life in our hands", received a score 10 of samba and he won the prize "Estandarte de Ouro e Tamborim de Ouro".

Xande is reinvented and experienced, the singer and songwriter, who is one of the participants in the TV program "Esquenta", presented by Regina Casé, as he made his debut in the cinema in 2014, giving the replica to the great actress Regina Casé, "Made China", film by Estevão Ciavatta.

Xande recorded the CD "Perseverance", his first solo album and soon he will release his new CD.

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