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Nil Lus

Nil Lus singer, composer and writer was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
He graduated in Physical Training at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (“UFMG” –
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) and in Business Administration and Economy at the
University Foundation of Education and Culture of Minas Gerais (“FUMEC” – Fundação
Universitária Mineira de Educação e Cultura). He was athlete of the Brazilian National
Handball Team (National and South American Champion).
Nil Lus already composed more than 1000 songs (lyrics & music) and toured with his
concerts through America, Europe and Asia. In Portugal he founded a project (“Sons Da
Fala”) about the association “Lusofonia” with Sérgio Godinho, Vitorino, Tito Paris and others.
He wrote his first poetry book and his first song at the age of ten (“Pássaro De Fogo”). With
his theme “Poemia” which received a mark of distinction, he was prize – winner of the 1st
National Poetry Contest “Fritz Teixeira Salles”. In 2010 Nil Lus published his first novel
called: THE JOURNEY TO THE OTHER SIDE acompanied by a selfcomposed soundtrack. In
2012 he released a poetry book called DADIVANTE acompanied by photos. At this moment
he is writing his second novel wich also will be acompanied by a soundtrack composed by
himself with the prevision of release in 2015.
Nil Lus participated in the 38ª Montreux Jazz Festival - July 2004 and July 2016 in
emblematic birthday 50th Montreux Jazz Festival.
In April 2007 Nil Lus received the Medaille d`Argent by the French Academy of Artes,
Science & Literature in Paris. The same reward was already received by the following
personalities: Queen of Belgium, Queen Sikit of Tailand, Marie Curie, Peter Bloch, Jean
Carriére, Paul Belmondo, Milton Nascimento, Jose Wilker, Seu Jorge, Milton Gonçalves and
In 2008 Nil Lus received the nomeation as Konsul of World poets from the Chilean
Institution: Os Poetas Do Mundo. In the same year Nil Lus created and founded the Nil Lus
Institute (Instituto Nil Lus) who takes care of 350 children in need in Brazil under the Slogan:
"Nobody separates the Dream from the Dreamer".
In 2010 Nil Lus received from the French Senate the award Le Mérite Et Devouement
Français for the exceptional services as singer, composer and writer.
In 2014 Nil Lus received the title Celebrity Ambassador by the worldwide renown Child
Fund Alliance, an international organization for children that is presented in 50 countries.

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    Nil Lus • Singer
    Tatta Spalla • Guitar
    Rudney Carvalho • Cavaco & Bandolins
    Cristiano Caldas • Keyboards
    Eneias Xavier • Guitar Bass
    Arthur Rezende • Dramer
    Zeca Magrão • Percussion
    Mateus Moreno • Percussion
    Alexis Contri • DJ

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