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Gerônimo Santana & Friends

Geronimo Santana is one of the guardians of Brazilian root music in contemporary times. After studying composition and conducting at the Federal University of Bahia, but without giving up popular music, he considers himself a semi-classical artist. He is also a singer and african dancer, and has had compositions recorded by A Cor do Som ("Dentro da minha cabeça"), Diana Pequeno ("Mensageiro das Águas"), Maria Bethania, Elba Ramalho, Margareth Menezes, Carlinhos Brown and Daniela Mercury.
In his second album (the first one "Página Musical" released by Polygram), Gerônimo included compositions that became famous like "É d’Oxum", soundtrack of the miniseries "Tenda dos Milagres" and "Mameto Kanlunga", compostion made with the aim of helping the homeless of Salvador due to the flood, with the participation of Batatinha, Riachão, Luis Caldas, Sarah Jane, Chocolate da Bahia, Lazzo and Chico Evangelista.
Polyrythmics is the hallmark of Geronimo's work, which explains the wide and frequent use of rhythms researched and known by him: Lambada, Ijexá, Aguere, Afoxé and Adarrum, mixed with African and Caribbean influences.
About the history of the show-rehearsals every Tuesday in Pelourinho:
In 1997, he received, from the Artistic and Cultural Heritage Institute of Bahia (IPAC), the house which is located across from the Paço staircase in the historic center of Salvador, as his office and a cultural space. However, the poor condition of the neighborhood turned his project unfeasible. "I started a kind of show-rehearsal in late 2003, and automatically the community mobilized to sell drinks and food," he recalls. Geronimo’s rehearsal turned out to be one of the most significant events in the cultural calendar of Salvador, continuously taking place every Tuesday, from 8pm to 10pm, and gathering up to 3000 people. "The intention was to make an open rehearsal, even in an improvised way. In the first presentation, there were more musicians than spectators, but people embraced the project which soon became known throughout the city. "
Currently, Geronimo has been performing on Pedro Arcanjo Square, every Tuesday at 8pm, with tickets at popular prices, attracting an audience of about 800 people (maximum capacity of place). In addition to "Geronimo and Banda Mont Serrat", the concerts have always had guests of Baiana and Brazilian music.
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Summary of artist’s concerts
1. 2015 – He performed 51 concerts in Pelourinho in the following locations: Paço staircase, SESC Arena and Pedro Arcanjo Square;
2. Dec 2015 - New Years’s Eve Concert in Imbassaí – main attraction of feast held by Mata de São João government;
3. Nov 2015 - He performed a season for Independence Concert (unprecendented), at Rubi Theater Cafe.
4. Oct 2015 – 8th Book Fair in Feira de Santana – main attraction of event held by Secretaria Estadual de Cultura da Bahia;
5. Dec 2014 – He accomplishes the project “Toada Ancestral” in partnership with the African Symphonic for the Nature Musical Orchestra in the cities of Salvador and Camaçari;
6. Oct 2014 – Spring Festival – attraction in the opening of the first edition of the Festival held by Salvador government.
7. 2013 and 2014 – “Virada Cultural” of São Paulo
Musical Direction
1. Nov 2015 – Developed the soundtrack and directed musically the awarded show of “Agô Arerê” TCA Ballet.
2. Nov 2015 – Musical direction of the show “Tribute to Ilê – 40 years of history”
3. Oct 2014 – Musical direction of the comedy “Boquete show”
4. Jul 2013 – Musical direction, development and live execution of the soundtrack for the show July 2nd – The opera of independence;
Recent Tributes
Oct 2015 – Multishow Prize for 30 years of Axé Music;
Nov 2015 – Golden Globe for 30 years of Axé Music;
Nov 2015 – City Council for the important role in the construction of Axé Music;
Página Musical (1983)
Mensageiro da Alegria (1985)
Eu Sou Negão (4-track EP - 1986)
Dandá (1987)
Gerônimo (1988)
Dançarino (1989)
Eu Te Amarei (Continental, 1997)
Rei do Lambadão (2001, independent)
É do Mar (2005, independent)
DVD Maré de lançamento (2011 , independent)

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  • 2016-2017

  • Musicians
    Andre Luis Santana Fonseca (ANDRE SANTANA) • Keyboards
    Antonio Santana Duarte (TONI DUARTE) • Bass
    Carlos Sebastião de Oliveira (TIÃO OMOLU) • Percussion
    Esmeraldo da Veiga Santana VEIGA) • Drums
    Evanailton Guilherme de Jesus Bispo (ITO BISPO) • Sax
    Gerônimo Santana Duarte (GERÔNIMO) • Voice, Trombone
    José Fernando de Oliveira Cilindro (MANINHO) • Guitar

    On Tour

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    Past Shows and Events
    2013 e 2014 – Virada Cultural de São Paulo
    São Paulo - Brazil
    51 shows at 2015, Escadaria do Paço, Arena do SESC e Largo Pedro Arcanjo
    Pelourinho - Salvador - Bahia
    Dez-2015 Réveillon de Imbassaí
    Prefeitura de Mata de São João, Bahia
    Nov-2015- Realizou temporada do Show da Independência (inédito)
    Café Teatro Rubi, Salvador - Bahia
    Out 2015- 8ª Feira do Livro de Feira de Santana
    Feira de Santana

    Technical Information
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