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Noumoucounda is a stage master in the line of griots (spoken-word, traditonal story tellers common in African culture). He is the fruit of two ethnic groups, the Kassonké and Socé of Senegal. By tracing his family history we understand more about him. Noumou is from a family of talented artists . Everything begins with the father, the baobab Banna Cissoko native of Tambacounda, a region in Senegal where the baobabs are planted as if they were milestones of history. Banna Cissoko is a famous kora player and griot of the local scene, he is one of the pillars of Senegal 's national orchestra .His mother, Fatoumata Kouyaté Goundo was a singer and brings with her the tradition of the Kouyaté balafon of King Soudjiata Keita .

Noumou - together with his brother, Kaounding Cissoko - experimented with the sound of the kora by marrying it to different musical styles. Anything goes: reggae, rap and even pop music. The album Kora Revolution is a perfect illustration of this collaboration between brothers sealed in blood and music – shaking up the standards.

Following the death of his brother, Noumou continued on his way alone, his kora always on his back, and inspiration leading him to meetings with like-minded musicians that allow him to confirm what we already know : Noumou is the kora and its evolution. His sound is found on various collaborations. Along the journey, his companions have included MC Solaar, Ky-Mani Marley, Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour and more recently with Stromae on the hit album, Racine carrée.

After putting his talent to the service of others, Noumou focused on himself and launched his first solo album, Faling , a nugget that fits well with his proud lineage. The album is a subtle mix of traditional music and an amalgam of different styles.

He will go into the four corners of the world to defend this gem and also reaffirm his commitment to experimentation. Through the release of the album, we had the chance to experience another dimension of Noumou - another arrow in his bow – his powerful stage performance. Noumou becomes celestial and thrills the senses with his strength , agility and generosity ...surely a tribute to his genealogy .

Noumou has left his trace in Switzerland, France, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire , Mozambique and Tanzania (among other) where he came , played and conquered hearts.

Now he is back with a new project full of promise, returning to seal the contract with his audience and share his love for the instrument he plays so well.

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  • South America 2016

  • Musicians
    Noumoucounda Cissoko • Vocal, kora, percussions
    Fred Hirschy • Bass guitar
    Maxence Sibille • Drums
    Jean Ferrarini • keyboards, rhodes
    Franco Casagrande • Guitar

    On Tour

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    Past Shows and Events
    Momo - Londres, UK

    Bataclan - Paris, France (Awadi)

    Mandela day - Shangai, Chine

    Roskilde Festival - Copenhague, Denmark (Awadi)

    Barbican Center - Londres, UK (Awadi)

    Masa - Abidjan, Ivory Coast

    Sauti za Busara - Zanzibar

    Fesman - Dakar, Senegal

    Technical Information
    EEPK Noumou - Afro Urban project
    EPK Noumou
    Press Noumou
    Rider 8 People
    Brazil Rider
    Faling -