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PAGAGNINI combines classical music, the playing of virtuoso violinist Ara Malikian and
Yllana’s slapstick humour all in one show. The result is an amusing and surprising “Des-
Concierto” (a Dis-Concert), which reviews some of the pinnacle moments in the history of classical music by ingeniously combing them with more popular tunes. This mixture of styles leads to the creation of a medley of emotions, a concert where the serious and solemness of music is combined wonderfully with moments of subtle humour.
This quirky perspective of the world of concertos, added to the elegant and virtuoso interpretation of these four outstanding musicians, has proven capable of fascinating even the most erudite spectators, as well as exalting and inspiring audiences of all ages from around the world.
Paganini’s own genius was a special referent during the creation of the show, not
only the title. His complex compositions, rash personality and amazingly talented
interpretations reflect the spirit of PAGAGNINI.
As well, a handfull of memorable moments provide us with a new vision of the so
called “classic contemporary music” of our days such as U2 or the Frenchman Serge

Music Direction: Ara Malikian
Writing and Directing: Yllana
Art Direction: David Ottone, Juan Francisco Ramos
Direction Assistant: Ramón Sáez
Music Creation and Players: Ara Malikian, Fernando Clemente, Eduardo Ortega,
Jorge Fournadjiev

A production of Yllana and Ara Malikian

Ara Malikian is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and expressive violinists of his
generation. In possession of a personal style, forged from his own origins and rich musical experience, his artistic voice has emerged as an original and innovative presence on the world and musical scene. Born in Lebanon in 1968 to an Armenian family, Ara Malikian began studying the violin at a very early age with his father. His talent was recognized and nurtured despite the difficulties encountered because of the war, forcing him to study during long periods of time in air-raid shelters. He gave his first serious concert at the age of 12 and when he was 14, he obtained a scholarship from the German Culture Ministry to study at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover. At 15, he was the youngest pupil to be admitted in this prestigious centre. He later furthered his studies at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London and studied with renowned professors such as Franco Gulli, Ruggiero Ricci, Ivry Gitlis, Herman Krebbers and members of the Alban Berg Quartet.
An undiminishing musical and human restlessness have led Ara to deepen his relationship with his own Armenian roots and to assimilate music of other cultures, like
those of the Middle East (Arab and Jewish), Central Europe (Gypsy and Klezmer), Argentina (Tango) and Spain (Flamenco). All this is achieved within a personal language in which the rhythmic and emotional strength of these types of music go hand in hand
with the virtuosity and expressiveness of the great European classical tradition.
With a wide-ranging repertoire that includes a majority of the important pieces written for violin (concertos with orchestra, sonatas and pieces with piano and chamber music), he has also premiered works by modern composers such as Franco Danatoni, Malcolm Lipkin, Luciano Chailly, Ladislav Kupkovich, Loris Tjeknavorian, Lawrence Roman and Yervand Yernakian. Malikian is also one of the few violinists who plays recitals for solo violin with programs featuring complete cycles of such as the 24 Paganini Caprices, the 6
sonatas of Eugene Ysaÿe and the sonatas and partitas of Bach.
Malikian has been recognized in may competitions of worldwide reputation, including first prizes at the International Competitions “Felix Mendelssohn” (1987, Berlin, Germany) and “Pablo Sarasate” (1995, Pamplona, Spain). In addition, “Zino Francescatti”(Marseille, France), “Rodolfo Lipizer” (Gorizia, Italy), Jeunesses Musicales” (Belgrade, Serbia), “Rameau” (Le Mans, France), “International Artists Guild” (New York, USA) and the “International Music Competition of Japan”. In 1993 he received the “Prize for Artistic Devotion and Achievement” from the German Ministry of Culture.
Malikian has performed in the most important concert halls of the world in more than 40 countries on five continents: New York (Carnegie Hall), Paris (Salle Pleyel), Vienna
(Musikverein), Toronto (Ford Centre), Madrid (Auditorio Nacional and Teatro Real), Venice, Los Angeles, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Cuba, Barcelona, Bilbao and many more. He has also participated in festivals at Aspen, Colamar, Prades, Schleswig-Holstein, Braunschweig, San Sebastian, Segovia, Bergen, Freden, Metlach and Prague.
Malikian has worked with figures such as Joaquín Cortés and Belén Maya, film composers such as Pascal Gainge and Alberto Iglesias with whom he recorded the
soundtrack for “Talk to her”, the Academy Award winning movie by Pedro Almodóvar.

Eduardo Ortega
Eduardo started playing the violin at a very young age, thanks to the influence of his
mother, as a violinist in the Sinfónica de Madrid. He has studied with masters, such as
Polina Kotliarskay, Vartan Manoogian, Lian Chai, Mikhail Milman, Joaquín Clerch, Agustí
Coma and Sergio Castro. He has been a violin teacher at the Conservatorio de Madrid. Besides the violin, he plays: the guitar, the drums, the bass, the mandolin, the piano, the harmonica... and he sings on in his tracks. In 1999, he and his band, Zona Tsunami, won 3 awards at the Festival Villa Rock de Madrid. Among the awards, he won Best Performer from Madrid for that year. He's worked often with Spanish pop-rock artists. He's also taken part in movie soundtracks.

Fernando Clemente
Fernando Clemente was trained in classical music at the Conservatorio de Sevilla,
augmented his skills under the wings of masters such as David López de Prados; he's also got performance training, directed by Maria José Acosta and developed with companies from Seville. He played a diverse range of very different styles, from world-music, through folk and techno, up to Jazz-Flamenco and Jazz, in which he is currently doing his work with the band Tres Menos Quartet. In his work as a composer, he's composed the music for various dance shows for the choreographers Amaury Lebrun and Ainhoa Sarmiento; and in terms of audiovisual work, he's composed soundtracks for various film-short and other formats.

Jorge Fournadjiev
Born in Bulgaria, in 1981 he moved to San Sebastián in Spain to start attending cello
lessons and in 1987 he went to Madrid. In 2000 he ended his studies at Conservatorio Padre Antonio Soler de San Lorenzo del Escorial. During his career he has had the
opportunity to get to know several Maestros in cello, chamber music, training and orchestra. He is also a composer (“Ensoñaciones”, opera for cellos, 2008). He has been a member of Orquesta Filarmónica de Madrid from 1998 (playing in Teatro Real, among other venues) and of Orquesta Filarmonía de España from its creation in 1999. In 2011 he played with Ara Malikian and José Manuel Zapata in “Los Divinos”. He regularly plays as soloist, or in duet, trio, quartet and he performed in several festivals in Europe.

Yllana embodies creativity. Founded in 1991, the Company has grown and evolvedover
the years until it can today service all facets of the wide world of entertainment. Whether it’s a new hit show playing to packed houses full of legions of loyal fans at their Madrid theatre the Teatro Alfil; a touring company thrilling new theatre audiences with one of their classic shows in a provincial capital’s cultural centre or an Arts Festival in Senegal or Montreal; or a one off industrial show wowing Volkswagen executives at their 50th anniversary; Yllana has it all covered. Yllana is first and foremost an artist’s collective dedicated to the production, distribution, and promotion of unique theatrical events. Its ethos is centred in mime and physical humour, that most universal form of expressing the human comedy that forms the essence and core of the theatrical experience. By dispensing with dialogue to reach the heart of Theatre, Yllana has been able to thrill and amuse audiences across the world. After 18 successful years of existence, Yllana is now a consolidated Company in the arts sector, yet unique in that it is still totally run by the Artists. It is not a Company that employs Artists to further its commercial ends, but rather a collective of Artists that employs a Company to bring their (and fellow artists’) work to many audiences worldwide. That is why Yllana still embodies creativity.

. ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Edinburgh (UK). 2008
. “Best Show” Public’s Choice Award. XXI Meércoles de Teatro Chiclana Festival. Chiclana, Sevilla (Spain). 2008
. Moerser Comedy Prize. International Comedy Arts Festival. Moers (Germany). 2009
. Best Musical show Award. Teatro Rojas de Toledo (Spain). 2009

- Pablo Sarasate, Fantasia sobre “Carmen”, Op.25 (6’:40”)
- Manuel de Falla, Spanish Dance from the Grand Opera “La Vida breve” (3’:50”)
- Luigi Boccherini, Minuet in E major, Op. 13, n° 5 (2’:12”)
- Johann Pachelbel, Canone in D major T.337 (8’:35”)
- Shigeru Umebayashi, “Yumeji’s Theme” (2’:10”)
- W. Amadeus Mozart , violin concert nº3 in G major KV217 (2’:12”)
- U2, “With or without you” (2’:46”)
- Serge Gainsbourg, “La Javanaise” (6’:27)
- Niccolò Paganini, Capriccio n°24, Op.1 in A minor (5’:14”)
- Antonio Vivaldi, “The four seasons” (3’:30”)

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  • 2016-2018

  • Musicians
    Ara Malikian • Violinist
    Eduardo Ortega • Violinist
    Fernando Clemente • Violinist
    Jorge Fournadjiev • Cellist

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