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Elpidio Bastos

Known by many as "Black Samurai" for its outstanding features and its diverse history, followed by a long career as a competent musician bass, in addition to working as a backing-vocal, he brings his luggage to the music Brazilian popular. He walks in the samba, salsa, funk and his own style shown in his compositions and arrangements.

Elpidio Bastos, is the author of two albums, first published in 2001, Prazer (Pleasure), which translate exactly what the artist wants to tell the public (the pleasure of making music).
There are 14 songs and a re - assembling Adriana Evans - who has put a pinch of groove, the song "Japan", made ??in Tokyo during his first tour with the group Olodum in 1992. The song Preto and Branco, as well has succeeded in radios in Brazil.

His music has everything you want to listen and quality, we can compare its arrangements and musicality to Peter Mariano, Jair Oliveira, Claudio Zoli, Paula Lima and Djavan.

My treasure is how he called her second album. The latter with more electronic beats. There are 11 songs of high quality in both the compositions and arrangements. This is a most romantic album, with songs like: Meu Tesouro, Fiz of Tudo, Sem Rumo, Nossa Paixão (special guest group Olodum) Gingado Apimentado, the influence of Gilberto Gil, O Samba, Oitave Maravilha, between other measures.

In 1998 he made ??his first concert as BASTOS Elpidio. "Lado B", which was the embryo for the preparation of this adventure.

Along with his solo work:

. musical director (both on stage and studio), bassist and backing-vocal group Olodum 12 years, in addition to
being responsible for the basic settings for recording CDs and DVDs to come.

. shared the stage with big names of Brazilian music as well as David Samborn, UB40, and others,

. directed and organized groups who participated in the disk Olodum "Cae No. Pelô" - in honor of Caetano Veloso.

. he worked with Carlinhos Brown, Daniela Mercury, Ed Mota.

. Caimmy Trophy winner in 1889, with the price "group revelation" Following the group, acting as a singer,
arranger and bassist, and winner of the best pop album of 2204/2005.

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  • Musicians
    Elpídio Bastos • Voice & Guitar
    Jorge Brasil • Drums
    Bruno Aranha • Keyboards
    André Luba • Bass Guitar
    Euder Mello • Trumpet
    Augusto Gomes • Sax
    Alexandre Souza • Guitar

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