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Baiana System

BaianaSystem explores new sound possibilities for the guitar of Bahia. The instrument-popularized in Salvador’s Carnival -is rescued by the group with influences of Brazilian, African and Jamaican cultures. In the hands of the creator of the project, Robertinho Barreto, the little guitar harmoniously dialogues with the sounds of Africa and with the freedom of psychedelia of the dub. The instrument is renewed and interacts with the bases worked and mixed by Chico Correa. In every song produced by the group there are insertions of sounds and effects with freedom for improvising.
The vocal is also special. In the voice of Russo Passapusso, BaianaSystem explores new pitch possibilities and interaction with the production of rhythmic bases of the sound systems. This language and the "collage" philosophy of the sound systems, which rebuilds from what already exists, become the group's challenge.
BaianaSystem has a visual design conceived and carried out by Filipe Cartaxo. In all materials produced for the band, Filipe explores art work as a reference to popular manifestations of Bahia, such as carnival and other street festivals.
All this sound inventiveness can be seen in the eponymous debut album of the group in which BaianaSystem sings about the city and its nuances of everyday life. The album was widely accepted by the general public and the media. They have already participated in projects within and outside the country, and have been supported by editors such as Conexão Vivo (2010 and 2011), Caixa Cultural (2010) and Oi Futuro (2011). The base of the group are being prepared by the group made up by guitarist Robertinho Barreto, the vocalist Russo Passapusso , the base player and producer of the album Marcelo Seco, the percussionist Wilton Potato and the DJ and producer Chico Correa (mix dubs and bases).

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  • 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

  • Musicians
    Robertinho Barreto - • Baiana Guitar
    Russo Passapusso - • Singer
    Marcelo Seco - • Bass
    Wilton Batata - • Percussion
    Chico Correa - • DJ and Samplers
    Juninho Costa - • DJ and Samplers
    Filipe Cartaxo • VJ(live) and light

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    Past Shows and Events
    Womex 2011 - Copenhagen

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    Tecnic Rider
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